Meet the Newest Members of BG

As the warm weather began approaching this year, BG Consultants Inc. orchestrated some of our own changes within the company by adding fresh faces in three of our offices. Thesevaluable team members have already made a difference in their respective disciplines. Each new employee brought unique qualities to the company, improving the functionality and overall environment of their office and the corporation as a whole.

When you first walk through the front doors of the Manhattan office, you will be greeted by the smiling face of our new Administrative Assistant, Heather Scott. Originally from Ohio, Heather moved to Kansas while serving in the US Air Force as a meteorologist assistant. Upon falling in love with the area, she went to work for Flint Hills Computers as their Supply/Operations Manager (coincidentally, where BG was one of their largest accounts). After resigning from Flint Hills Computers to be a stay-at-home mom, Heather stayed involved with BG by filling in for our secretaries taking extended leave. After the previous Administrative Assistant resigned, Heather was naturally the top candidate for the job. Helping out with computer applications, making sure all supplies are well stocked, and keeping tabs on everyone’s whereabouts are some of the major responsibilities she takes care of daily. After hours, Heather can most likely be found at Manhattan’s First United Methodist Church or at the St. George ballpark, the place she jokingly claims to change her residency to during the months of May and June.

The most recent addition to our expanding architecture division is Katie Nightingale. Having graduated from Kansas State University in May with her Master of Architecture degree, Katie decided that she likes the Manhattan area so much that she still wants to call it home. Since joining the team, she has been working on renovation plans for numerous elementary schools in Lawrence, Kansas, along with various projects for Riley and Lyon Counties. Katie strongly believes that architecture lives in the details of design, causing her to dedicate more time to focusing on the finer aspects of her projects. The root of her detail-oriented focus may trace back to her technical training on the reputably articulate piano, which she started playing at age seven.

A fateful phone call by one of BG Consultants’ Founders, Fred Gibbs, led to Maizie Weathers working as the Marketing Intern in Manhattan. Upon the completion of her spring semester spent studying in Overland Park, Kansas, Maizie returned to her hometown and re-enrolled in Kansas State University to work towards an English degree with emphasis on Creative Writing. Following her mother’s footsteps by working for BG, she can be found at her desk sorting through thousands of project résumés, organizing photos to be used on future proposals, or writing a blog piece to be posted on the BG website. An avid social networker, we utilize Maizie to develop innovative marketing ideas that will appeal to today’s audiences on social media. Writing is second nature for Ms. Weathers, as she has composed over forty short stories and plays since she was eight years old.

New on the Construction Inspection team is Frank Esterly. Accompanied by a degree in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University, Mr. Esterly was formerly the city superintendent for Ogden, Kansas. What attracted him to BG Consultants, Inc. was the quality of the people he would get to work with day in and day out. Esterly stays involved in the community by volunteering his time and efforts to help Habitat for Humanity. Even without his extensive volunteer work, Frank’s résumé is sure to impress with tidbits such as originally he is from Germany and is fluent in both German and Spanish. 

Helping out the Lawrence office is new Office Assistant, Katherine Loving. After graduating the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Theater, Katherine traveled with a touring theater company for five and a half years. Once she had enough traveling, she worked as an Information Specialist for the Planning and Zoning Resource Corp in OKC. Ms. Loving assists with proposals, handling mail, processing payments, and enjoys the daily opportunity to work with intelligent individuals. Outside of the office she spends her time working on an Associate’s degree in Fashion through Johnson County Community College and aiding Kansas City theaters in need of wardrobe production. Katherine’s eclectic interests and outgoing personality can be best depicted by the time she fearlessly enjoyed six weeks in Egypt before the revolution known as the Arab Spring.

The Manhattan office will soon have to return BG’s newest Land Surveyor, Jack Younger, to the Lawrence office once he has completed training in The Little Apple. An Associate’s degree of Applied Science in Surveying Technology from Butler Community College made Younger very qualified to join the BG Surveying team. While currently learning various curriculums such as the Carlson, ArcMap, and Esri programs; Jack is also gaining valuable knowledge about the Surveying Department’s role in the office. BG Consultants’ long term vision and success in training young newcomers under the experienced pros are what drew Younger to eastern Kansas all the way from the small eastern town of Stratton, Colorado.            

If you are interested in what opportunities and positions are available within BG Consultants, Inc. visit the Careers page on our website at:

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