Construction Inspection


At BG Consultants, Inc. (BG) we understand the depth and complexity of requirements that are needed to provide industry leading Construction Engineering Services. We believe that communication, proficiency and reliability are the core components of an effective Construction Engineering Program. We consistently deliver an exceptional level of service because our staff is Committed, Experienced and Flexible.

BG has a team of professional individuals with current certifications and long-term Construction Engineering experience. We have provided these and other professional services in communities across Kansas for over 35 years. We are an all-inclusive firm with the capabilities to direct a project from the initial planning stages through the final construction walk-through.


The Staff

Mr. Tom Bennett, P.E. developed the official Construction Engineering Department over 25 years ago when the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) started their Local Public Authority (LPA) inspection program. Our staff includes four tiers of inspector:

1)   Active Inspector
2)   On-Call Inspectors
3)   Engineering Technicians
4)   Engineers in Training (EIT)

  • Our Active Inspectors are constantly on projects across the state. Many of them have held construction or government-related positions ensuring their skill set is well-rounded and capable of communicating between the owner, contractor and engineer seamlessly. Due to their diverse experience, the Active Inspection staff is able to fill peak inspection needs on other projects as required. A flexible core group of Active Inspectors ensures that the Construction Engineering aspects of every active project are thoroughly met.
  • Our On-Call inspectors are typically retired KDOT or Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) employees who maintain their current certifications and inspector qualifications. Typically, they are assigned to short term construction projects or supplement larger projects as needed throughout the season. Their industry experience has proven to be a tremendous asset to our diverse Construction Engineering Program.
  • Our Engineering Technicians and EIT’s are fully trained and certified to perform field duties to supplement and support our Active and On-Call Inspectors. We are able to meet high demand Construction Engineering needs consistently and on short notice due to their participation.
  • Our firm is currently one of the largest and most experienced LPA Consultants in Kansas qualified for KDOT inspection projects. We also consistently serve Federal, State, County, Municipal and local government authorities in addition to commercial and private clientele.
  • As industry standards improve and evolve, we respond in a firm commitment to participate in the necessary continuing education classes for all our Inspectors. Attending training schools conducted by KDOT, OSHA and other programs develops confidence in our staff that translates into client trust. We continue to attend courses to broaden our services and remain at the leading edge of technology and regulation requirements for inspection.